WG Thermoplastic Road Line Marking

  1. Better Colour
  2. Better Durability
  3. Better Skid Resistance
  4. Better Cost Effectiveness


Benefits of applying WG Hot Applied Reflective Thermoplastic Road Marking

  • Superior performance; abrasion resistant for durability
  • Mechanically adheres to all asphalt pavements
  • Intermix beads for maintained retro-reflectivity
  • Formulated for quick dry
  • Typically applied in 1.3mm - 2.3mm with single drop glass bead application

All Weather Thermoplastic (AWT) Roadmarking


Benefits of applying AWT

  • Formulated to meet and exceed standard specification of Jabatan Kerja Raya Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 2A/85
  • Fully conforming to all weather performance designed for use on all national roads and expressways
  • Special design formulation to provide good night/wet visibility performance
  • Typically applied in 0.2mm to 3.0 mm with double drop glass bead application

Visibility - By day, visibility is achieved by ensuring that the markings have excellent luminance, which provides a contrast with the road surface. By night, this is achieved by the retro-reflectivity of premium grade of glassbeads on or in the marking material.

Skid Resistance - Pedestrian areas, cycle lanes, larger area road markings and those in critical location may need a degree of skid resistance. Applying anti-skid materials on or in the marking, results in a roughened surface, which increases the skid resistance.