Glass Road Stud


  1. Excellent weathering resistance and long life span.
  2. Fine wear resistance and chemistry stability. They are able to withstand the erosion of tire, sand, different kinds of solvent and oil fuel. Moreover they also have strong resistance to acid rain as well as salt fog. As a consequence, they can be used in various kinds of severe road conditions for a long time.
  3. Safe, reliable and strong warning function.



Specification: Diameter 100mm x 50mm (Height)
Diameter of sphere: 600mm x 20mm (Height)
Materials: Optical Glass of Highly Crystal Silicon
Colour: White/Yellow/Green/Blue
Retro Reflective Material: Silvering material
Protective Material: Aluminium Compound
Retro Reflective Angle: 360°
Product N.W.: 500g 10
National Standard Turnover Attrition Rate: 3%
Packing Info.: 24 pcs/ctn
G.W.: 13 kgs/ctn
N.W.: 12 kgs/ctn
Carton Size: 320mm x 230mm x 230mm
Hardness: 170 5
Weathering Resistance Properties: >16280H